The detention of Ihor Mazepa is related to his position in defense of business in Ukraine

The detention of Ihor Mazepa is related to his position in defense of business in Ukraine

19 January 2024

The detention of Ihor Mazepa, the founder of Concorde Capital, one of the largest investment companies in Ukraine, is related to his public position as to increased pressure on Ukrainian business owners by law enforcement agencies. This was reported by the press service of Concorde Capital.

“We are dealing with the biggest blow to Ukraine’s investment market in the history of independence. Today, the founder of Concorde Capital, Ihor Mazepa, has been detained by the State Bureau of Investigation and the police. The security forces acted unlawfully and aggressively, committing all possible procedural violations during a series of searches: they did not allow lawyers to enter, seized all documents and personal funds of the company’s employees indiscriminately, searched the company’s office without a court order and broke down the doors. The company is already preparing an appeal to the government regarding the pressure on the company and the destruction of the investment climate in Ukraine by the security forces. This appeal is to be signed by the owners of hundreds of large budget-forming Ukrainian companies. The issue of pressure on Ihor Mazepa is beginning to go far beyond the investigative actions initiated by law enforcement, as soon as Ihor Mazepa was not afraid to tell the whole country about the corruption of law enforcement agencies and the creation of an anti-rating of unscrupulous law enforcement officers,” Concorde Capital said.

In May 2023, Concorde Capital founder Ihor Mazepa joined a powerful anti-raiding movement against law enforcement officers and judges who use their powers for illegal purposes. The movement includes the largest budget-forming companies in Ukraine.

On June 28, 42 well-known Ukrainian businessmen published a manifesto in defense of Article 42 of the Constitution. Among them are Filya Zhebrovska – owner of Farmak, Serhiy Voitenko – CEO of Agromat, Oleksandr Sokolovskyi – founder of Textile-Contact, Serhiy Pozniak – founder of FinStream and Cronvest, chairman of the Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs, Dmytro Oliynyk – chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, and others.

According to the company, after this public appeal, law enforcement officers received an order to detain Ihor Mazepa because of the fabrication of several criminal proceedings against him.

Founded by Ihor Mazepa, Concorde Capital has been a leader in the Ukrainian investment market for 18 years, having raised more than $4 billion in investments for more than 1,000 clients.

This is not a problem for Ihor Mazepa or Concorde Capital, it is a problem for the Ukrainian business in general, which is under tremendous pressure. We urge everyone to make this case public! We call for the immediate release of Ihor Mazepa and an end to the pressure on Ukrainian business!

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