Concordе Capital

A leading Ukrainian investment company that provides a full range of brokerage and investment banking services


Invest in profitable real estate and become part of the SHELEST community

Shelest Hutir

From now on, the favorite vacation spot is also an investment project. Imagine a huge space without fences with a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and playgrounds for children.


With over 100,000 plots in our database, we help you invest safely by providing full transaction support. Register to search for land


Investment banking

Attracting investments, loan financing, sale and acquisition of business in Ukraine and abroad, development of capitalization strategy



Providing professional brokerage services to both institutional and private investors in the financial market


Concorde Analytics

The best economic research in Ukraine and Eastern Europe


Direct investment

Since 2016, Concorde Capital has been operating as a private equity fund

About Concorde Capital

Concorde Capital is a leading Ukrainian investment company founded in 2004. The company provides a full range of international brokerage and investment services. Using various financial instruments, Concorde Capital has attracted more than $4 billion in investments for Ukrainian companies in the metallurgy, automotive, real estate, chemical, oil and gas, agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.

Kryvyi Rih Cement

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Chain of medical clinics "Dobrobut"

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GOODLIFE cottage town

The closed cottage town of the club type GOODLIFE is located 14 km from Kyiv in the direction of Vyshgorod. Modern cottages are located in the forest near the Dnipro canal. Near...

Country hotel and restaurant complex SHELEST

SHELEST - country hotel and restaurant complex in the forest on the bank of the Dnipro canal. The complex includes a restaurant, a pub, outdoor swimming pools for children and a...


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"Energozberezhenie" group of companies

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Amber Field: the "Solar Craft" Center

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Shelest Hutir

Shelest home

Shelest home


And is it true that living in the city, you can enjoy the advantages of country life? Combine an active life with peace and quiet, birds singing and fresh air? Of course, if you...


With over 100,000 plots in our database, we help you invest safely by providing full transaction support. Register to search for land

Ihor Mazepa

General director, founder

Oleksandr Parashchyi

Head of the analytical department

Ihor Sotnyk

Managing director, Investment banking

Diana Yavorska

Director of the Legal Department

Anna Konstantinova

Head of communications




Finnish charitable organizations donate six modern ambulances to the Dobrobut Foundation to save Ukrainians

The Finnish charitable organization Pro patria Suomi-Ukraina Ry, with the support of the Lions Club,...



Sonyachne Remeslo company (Sun-Craft Center LLC) has attracted a foreign investor and is expanding amber production in Rivne region

Ihor Mazepa and his partners' company Sonyachne Remeslo expands its operations and starts working at...



Sun-Craft Centre LLC (AmbertradeTM) has extracted a unique Ukrainian amber weighing 5.3 kg

Sun-Craft Centre LLC (AmbertradeTM) extracted in December 2021 the largest amber in the history of...