The first payment in cryptocurrency was made using the Weld Money card

The first payment in cryptocurrency was made using the Weld Money card

30 November 2023

On October 29, 2021, the team at cryptocurrency startup Weld Money made the first payment in Ukraine using their card. The transaction was made through a POS terminal using Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets. Prior to that, daily payments were impossible due to large commissions in the blockchain and the underdeveloped legal field in the CIS countries.

“Our first transaction was proof that cryptocurrency payments in Ukraine are possible, and most importantly, convenient for both users and businesses,”  Weld Money founder Alexei Bobok commented.

The company is currently in the final stages of launching the Weld application in both mobile and desktop versions. An MVP of the product has already been created. It is currently being tested and will be presented to users in the near future.

Weld Money has already integrated with several banks in Ukraine and Europe.

“We are actively expanding our own partner network, both in Ukraine and abroad. And in the near future we will announce a partnership with one of the key players in the global payment market! ” adds co-owner of Weld Money Alexei Meretsky.

The leading Ukrainian investment company Concorde Capital (CEO and founder of the company is Igor Mazepa) was one of the first to become interested in the project, and, recognizing the potential, became a partner of Weld Money.

Weld Money was the first to offer a legal option for settlements in any country using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency exchange takes place in jurisdictions where there is relevant legislation, and the transaction is done through the usual card. This way, you can conduct transactions with any merchant in any country using Weld Money technology.

Video presentation showing how to pay with cryptocurrency can be viewed on the YouTube channel Weld Money.

More about the Weld Money project: https://t.me/weldmoney Suggestions for the development of cryptocurrencies can be left in the Telegram chat: https://t.me/weld_ru

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