Sun-Craft Centre LLC (AmbertradeTM) has extracted a unique Ukrainian amber weighing 5.3 kg

Sun-Craft Centre LLC (AmbertradeTM) has extracted a unique Ukrainian amber weighing 5.3 kg

30 November 2023

Sun-Craft Centre LLC (AmbertradeTM) extracted in December 2021 the largest amber in the history of independent Ukraine,  weighing 5.3 kg, at the  deposit Volodymerets-Skhidnyi.

This is a unique discovery not only for the whole of Ukraine, but also for the whole world. After all, such specimens are very rare.

“Samples of amber weighing more than 1,000 kg are rare natural formations. The largest sample of amber, weighing 9.7 kg, is in the Museum of Natural History in Berlin (“Museum of Naturkunde”). Specimens weighing more than 5 kg are extremely rare. According to official data, in the whole world, there are only a few specimens of this weight and they are in museums and private collections”, said Yurii Blagodyr General director of Sun-Craft Centre LLC.

The unique find was studied by experts of the State Gemological Center of Ukraine, who confirmed its uniqueness. According to research, this sample is amber – succinite.

“Succinite is a natural fossil resin formed in the Eocene period (42-38 million years ago) on the European continent, it contains from 3 to 8% of succinic acid (C4H6O4) and has a characteristic infrared spectrum. It can be found in the Baltic-Dnipro amber sub-province, which covers almost all of Poland, the Kaliningrad region of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, south and southwest Belarus and most of Right Bank Ukraine,” said Olena Belichenko, Head of the Precious Stones Examination Department of the State Gemological Center of Ukraine, Candidate of Geological Sciences, and Expert of the International Amber Association.

The amber sample will be presented to the world community at international exhibitions and catalogs.”We understand the uniqueness of the find and would like all the connoisseurs to see this sample. I am sure that collectors from all over the world will compete for it,” said Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital CEO and an investor in Sun-Craft Centre LLC.
Information about the companies

Sun-Craft Centre LLC is a private enterprise in Ukraine that produces and processes raw amber at the Volodymyrets-Skhidny deposit. The company has received a special subsoil use permit for the purpose of amber mining over a total area of  more than 83 hectares by 2029. The company sells raw amber, as well as products from it under the AmbertradeTM brand.

Concorde Capital is a leading Ukrainian investment company founded in 2004. Concorde Capital provides a full range of international brokerage and investment services. Using a variety of financial instruments, the company has raised more than $ 4 billion for Ukrainian companies in the metallurgy, automotive, real estate, and chemical, oil and gas, agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors. CEO and Founder of the company – Igor Mazepa. 

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